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Alphatronics Bitmap Driver

With the Alphatronics Bitmap Driver, you can print to a standard bitmap file instead of a proprietary printer file format. Useful for previewing, storage, distribution, or troubleshooting printer output.
Actual 36 DPI Printout
Actual image of a 36 DPI printout, converted to jpeg using the Multiple Bitmap File utility.
Key Features:
Platforms Supported
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Please Note: This is a fully working copy of Alphatronics Bitmap Driver, but without a registration code, a registration reminder is displayed each time the driver is loaded.
Software Terms and Conditions
Version 2.0 of MBFUtil.exe is the free companion viewer and splitter utility for operating on Multiple Bitmap Format files produced by Alphatronics Bitmap Driver. The latest version will convert the output files to JPEG format. For more information, read MBFUtil.txt.
Single User License
$25.00 USD
Site License
$95.00 USD
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