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Remote Proofing System
Version 2.0
Supports all versions of the PC Harlequin RIP
Other platforms supported upon request
Consider the issues that can get in the way of providing an accurate color proof to your customer.
  • Out of Ink
  • Out of paper
  • Equipment problems
  • Courier / delivery problems
  • Expense
  • Difference in halftone and rendering technology.
UProof provides a secure online proof for your customer, using equipment and resources you most certainly already have. It uses the same image data your plates are made from to create an accurate, user friendly web page your print buyer can view and print if desired, saving time, money, and resources.
Features and Benefits:
  • Uses the actual page buffer files that your plates are made from.
  • True ROOM (RIP Once, Output Many) operation.
  • Provides a printable page for the print buyer.
  • No additional RIP plug-ins are required.
  • Zoom levels include whole page, 100%, 200%, 400%, and pixel view.
  • Low memory and CPU requirement means the software can usually run on the RIP PC.
  • Web application is compatible with any PHP enabled web server.
  • Simple automatic queued operation saves time.
  • Modifiable acceptance text.
  • Modifiable help text.
  • Modifiable logo and web graphics.
  • Built in email generator, address book, and FTP client
  • Web page uses familiar AJAX map style zoom and panning controls.
  • No passwords required.
  • Built-in CMYK to sRGB color profile provides reasonably accurate color conversion.
  • Select your own color profiles if desired.
System Requirements:
Application Computer
  • Minimum Pentium 4, 1.4 Ghz CPU.
  • 32 Mb of RAM for the UProof Application.
  • Approximately 125 Mb of disk storage per letter size page at 2400 DPI.
  • A reliable broadband Internet connection
  • Windows XP, Vista, and Windows NT/2000/2003/2008 Server and Workstation
  • Accessibility to the PageBuffers directory of the Harlequin RIP.
  • An SMTP server with username, password, and port if required.
  • Optional web browser for viewing resulting web pages.
Web Server Computer
  • Apache or IIS web server software
  • PHP 4 or higher installed and enabled
  • 70 Mb of disk storage per letter size page
  • FTP access to the web server.
Web Browsing Computer
  • Windows and Macintosh.
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers with JavaScript enabled is supported.
  • Email client application on the browsing computer.
How it works:
UProof scans the page buffer folder selected in the configuration dialog and reads the header for each file. A page buffer contains a compressed or uncompressed bitmap of the page, and the header describes the parameters of the bitmap and print job including title, height, width, bit depth, negative, mirrored, page number, and color name and value. Plates are grouped by their unique reference number within the header. When a job is transferred to the queue, the user selects the desired actions to be performed, which are as follows:
Create master tiff file
Individual page buffers are merged into a compressed tiff file using an input and output color profile.
Create a preview file
The master file is used to create a 288 pixel square preview file. All image files are stored as compressed PNG image files.
Create the web files
The master file is used to chop the image into 288 pixel square tiles, and stored into an indexed flat file for rendering by the PHP application.
Transfer the web files
The files that were created in the previous step are transferred via FTP protocol to the web server using information provided on the configuration screen. Files are stored in a folder with a hard-to-guess location, providing a reasonable level of security.
Notification of selected recipients
An HTML email message is created and sent to each selected recipient along with a preview of the first page of the job and a link to view the job.
Recipient reviews the job
Once the recipient receives the email, the link it contains is used to launch a browser to preview the job on screen. Links within the web page allow the viewer to send an email to either accept or reject the job.
When the email is received back, the proper action can be taken to either correct the job or send it to press.
UProof can often run on the RIP computer because the threads it uses run at idle priority level, which means any other thread in the system can interrupt any UProof thread to perform work. Additionally, UProof uses little memory by using banded tiff files and small PNG files to create images.
  • 10/17/2008 Initial release.
  • 10/24/2008 - Version 2.0 - Includes custom colors and selection of custom color profiles. Other minor fixes are included.
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